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The go-to handbook every team leader will want in their hand and every Team Coach will want to have in their bag.

In The Triumphant Team, leading team psychologist Dr. Declan Woods provides forty dynamic practices to help any team work more effectively, perform better, and deliver the results their organisation expects.

Teams can often be complex, messy and a bit slippery, and getting the best out of them can feel like an uphill struggle. It’s a sad fact that most teams underperform, and few ever realise their true potential.

This uniquely practical self-help book for teams will show you how to release their magic. It demystifies the common-place challenges that teams face in the workplace, and by focussing on those things that make a real difference, it takes all the guess work out of the drive for top performance.

Through an accessible range of tried-and-tested, flexible practices, you’ll discover how to build and nurture a united, cohesive team whilst getting to grips with those intangible, elusive issues that can impact your team’s effectiveness and undermine its productivity.

Whether you’re leading a team or working in one that’s in need of some extra help and direction, this smart guidebook will provide you with a wealth of practices to adapt as part of your everyday routines, and the power to transform your team from simply ticking over to being truly triumphant.

Here it is: a book that takes the guess work about how to create a high performing team written by a top class coach. It should be compulsory reading for all team leaders.

Professor Sue Dopson

Saïd Business School, The University of Oxford

If you're looking for an approachable read, full of practical, easily applicable tools to power a team forward, then this self -help book is for you. A great read. Highly recommended!

Andy Duncan

Head of Team Effectiveness, Natwest

This book provides a pragmatic and insightful approach to team development – the essence being based upon a principle ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. This book enables the reader to explore different approaches, backed up by theory, to meet this opportunity

David Vineall

Group HRD

At last – a Team effectiveness book written BY practitioners FOR practitioners. All thoroughly researched and written in a way that can be applied straight away. Any leader dipping in and out of this book could not help but want to try out some of the excellent activities to create and drive high performing teams. I will return to it again and again

Roger Minton

Head of Leadership Development, Anglo American

With the increasing prevalence of team-based work, understanding the psychology behind what enables high team performance is essential for all leaders! There is no ‘magic bullet’ to high team performance, it takes deliberate effort and so much more than a team building! This book is highly accessible; filled with practical ideas and tips to be applied and tested in building a team that works together to achieve a common purpose.

Geraldine Percival

Group Head of Talent & Development, Asahi

Increasingly every Team Leader needs to be able to coach their own team so that it can function at more than the sum of its parts. Declan Woods is one of the most experienced team coaches and from his work and research he provides 40 great team coaching tools and methods with very clear outlines that team leaders can use to coach their own teams.

Peter Hawkins

Professor, GTCI

The biggest challenge in making teams more effective is not lack of will. It is knowing where too start. This book offers multiple ways, in which teams and their leaders can begin the never ending journey.

David Clutterbuck

Professor, Clutterbuck Partnership

‘Team work is vital for organisational success; it is also challenging and unsettling. This self-help guide is an invaluable resource for anyone managing and joining a team and provides practical exercises to remove any elephants in the room.

Stephen Bach

Executive Dean, King’s Business School Executive Dean, King’s College London, KCL

A valuable contribution that distinguishes between ‘Fundamentals’, ‘Facilitators’, and ‘Fire-ups’ and deftly offers concrete suggestions under each heading.

Max Landsberg

Director of the Senior Partners Office, McKinsey & Co.

At last a book that gives practical advice on successful team working. An essential guide for business leaders and teams who want to maximise and sustain their collective potential.

Suzanne Liversidge

Managing Partner, Kennedys Law LLP

Really practical and insightful book - useful for anyone in or working with a team to enhance their performance!

Adam King

Senior Director, Deloitte

The Triumphant Team is a practical, well-structured collection, following the idea that teams go through various stages in their development and offering you the most suitable tools to move them forward in their journey.

Mihaela Diaconu

Executive Coach and Organisational Psychologist

Well done Declan - you were an outstanding coach when we worked together over 10 years ago and I can only imagine what 10 more years honing the craft has done. This is yet more well deserved recognition! Keep up the good work building those triumphant teams!

Adam K

Senior Director, Deloitte


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Dr. Declan Woods is a top team psychologist, who specialises in working with boards and leadership teams, and Professor of Leadership Practice at King’s College London.

Declan leads teamGenie®, an international company specialising in designing, coaching, and developing teams (, and is on a mission to help teams release their magic. When this happens, teams triumph. After receiving numerous requests for help from teams, Declan wrote this book to show teams how to triumph themselves.

Declan was the first Master Coach accredited with the Association for Coaching (AC) and is a Chartered and Registered Psychologist. He led the creation of the AC’s executive and team coaching standards and accreditation schemes, and co-authored and launched the Global Code of Ethics ( signed by the world’s leading coaching bodies. He was made a Lifetime Fellow by the AC for raising standards of coaching globally.

Declan writes a regular column on team coaching topics and is a frequent commentator on teams in the press. He created the award-winning diagnostic tool, teamSalient® ( to help organisations drive improvements in team effectiveness.